Social Media

Are you following us on Social Media? If not, start following us now. Facebook especially is not only great to see updated pictures of out most recent work, but it’s also great to see our customer reviews / testimonials.

The great thing about reading a review on social media is that you know it’s real and authentic. Unlike a review / testimonial you may see on a website which could have been added by the website designer. With a Facebook review / testimonial you can see the person who has left the review. In most cases you can see where the person is located, as well as the activity of the person who has left the review. Don’t just take our word for it, take a look at a few of the reviews from our Facebook page from just this year, 2019. And keep in mind we are only just in March 2019, and the positive reviews just keep on coming!

We do also have a reviews section on this website too where you can add you own review. Not a review added by us for you. Check those out too on this websites reviews page.