Oven Cleaning Tips

Here are a few tips for you guys to help keep your oven cleaner for longer, in between your professional deep oven cleans.

1) Clean up big spills as soon as possible.

While the oven is still slightly warm if possible. Wipe up spills and splats from in the oven and on the door/glass with soapy water and a cloth/microfibre cloth. Avoid using caustic products like Mr Muscle/Oven Pride as these types of products can leave permanent white burn marks on the ovens enamel and glass. If you get an obvious splat or spill, wipe it with soapy water while the oven is still slightly warm and this will suffice.

2) Oven Liner.

We often get asked about Oven Liners for the bottom of the oven. These are fine so long as your oven does not have a heating element in the bottom of the oven. If your oven does have an element in the bottom the control marker will show the oven diagram with a line on the bottom part of it. If your oven does have a bottom element and you wish to use an oven liner, you need to avoid using this setting. Also, Avoid putting foil in the bottom of the oven as this can stick and damage the surface once removed.

3) Loosen it up.

Fancy having a go at sprucing up your oven between professional cleans? You can loosen baked on food from your oven by placing a heat-proof bowl of boiling water in your oven at a high temperature heat for approximately 20 minutes with the oven door closed. The steam from this will loosen up any dried mess, then as soon as the oven has cooled down enough you can wipe it out with paper towels, or a microfibre cloth.

4) Use a bag. Or Pyrex style dish with lid.

A roasting bag or Pyrex style easy grab dish with lid can be really useful for helping to keep your oven cleaner for longer. You can use them for for things like fish, meat, veg. Many people actually say they prefer the food cooked this way as it “locks in the flavor” of foods, and adds natural moisture to the food.

5. Get a more regular professional clean from Oven Cleaning Sheffield.

We suggest getting a professional deep clean every 6 to 12 months. If you have your oven deep cleaned by Oven Cleaning Sheffield every 6 to 12 months by us this will leave you in most cases with very little to do to your oven. And being that oven cleaning is the most hated household task, isn’t this what we all really want?

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