Animals and oven cleaning

More often than not most customers are happy to leave us to the oven cleaning while they go relax, or do some other task around the house. This is generally not the case when it comes to animals! Animals always seem to take great interest in what’s going on. Who would have thought animals would be so interested in a cleaning task?? Whether it be an oven, an extractor, a microwave that’s being cleaned, they always want a good nosey! As much as the animals would love to be involved I know many oven cleaning companies would have to insist of the animals being taken away. That’s another good thing about this company, all products used in your home are Eco-friendly, so animals are always welcome to be close by and watch. Although, at times I do have to draw a line at being constantly jumped on while I am trying to complete the job, which has been known to happen! :-).

Below are some pictures we have taken of animals showing a keen interest in oven cleaning. If we have cleaned your oven, you might even see you pet here! Enjoy.

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