Energy efficient oven (How to)

Why does a clean oven mean a more energy efficient oven?

Factors affecting the oven’s efficiency may include clogged air filters, or a large build-up of carbon deposit and grease. This very difficult to clean without professional oven cleaning. Household oven cleaners are unlikely to be up to the job (You have all tried them) they don’t have the ability to remove hard carbon deposits, and hard grease deep within the oven’s mechanisms and surface.

When an oven is deep cleaned, it will reach it’s set temperature more quickly, which will save energy. It will also distribute heat in a much better and more efficient way compared to a dirty oven. This means that your food will be cooked more evenly, resulting in better tasting food!

Here are a few steps for a more energy efficient oven:

Cleaning: When an oven has been deep cleaned, it will reach the desired temperature more quickly. It will also distribute heat and maintain heat in a much better, and more efficient way compared to a dirty oven..

Seal Leaks: Check for any leaks around the oven door seals. If you feel heat escaping or notice visible gaps, have seals replaced to prevent heat loss during cooking.

Preheating: Only preheat your oven when it is necessary. When oven preheating is needed, do it for the minimum amount of time required. Don’t turn the oven on and forget. Use a timer.

Use the Right Cookware: Choose cookware. Using glass, enamel and ceramic pans will help food cook evenly and will reduce cooking times.

Size Matters! Use the right size of cookware for the food you are cooking in it. Using cookware too large can lead to heat loss as the oven needs to heat up the excess space.

Keep the Oven Door Closed: Avoid often opening the oven door while cooking (I clean glass too, if you cannot see through it ;-)) Each time you open the oven door heat escapes, and the oven needs to hard to reach it’s set temperature again.

Convection Setting: If your oven has a convection setting it’s best to use it. Convection ovens circulate the hot air, this will cook food more evenly and it will reduce cooking times. This can help save energy compared to conventional cooking.

At Expert Oven Cleaning Sheffield, I will dismantle and deep clean your oven. And while doing this I will check it’s functionality is not affecting performance by cleaning every individual part

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