End of tenancy oven cleaning

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Tenants, If you’re an existing tenant coming to the end of your letting period don’t let something as trivial as neglected oven cleaning be the reason for losing your deposit. Let’s put this into perspective, the cleanliness of a property makes up a huge percentage of all tenancy deposit disputes, and some of which can be attributed to people forgetting, missing, or not cleaning items to a good enough standard, in this case the oven, hob, or even the extractor fan. oven cleaning is one of the biggest issues for many landlords when it comes to a cleanliness inspection.

Different people have differing ideas of what is clean. There is a general level of cleanliness form that landlords work to during a property cleanliness  inspection: “never been cleaned”, “attempted cleaning but still dirty”, “cleaned to an average household standard” (up to what is called in the inventory profession “cleaned to a domestic standard”) and “cleaned to a professional standard”. In most cases the oven would need to be “cleaned to a professional standard” to pass an inspection.

Book in with us for a deep clean and we can ensure that you will have a oven that will pass even the most rigorous cleanliness inspection. We can deep clean: Ovens, Cookers, AGAs, Ranges, Hobs, Extractors, Microwaves, BBQ’s, Fridges and more.

You can get in touch with us using any of the methods listed on our contact us page.

New year, new oven!

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Christmas and new year partying is now over for another year, and one of the most hated house hold chores looms… Yep, cleaning the oven! Do you really want to start the new year with a smelly, greasy, carbon covered oven??

Is your oven still splattered with all the remains of preparing the Christmas and new year festivities? Do you now have that smell of Christmas turkey grease, roasted potatoes, or some other Christmas and new year festivities now running through the air every time you fire the oven up?? Or perhaps the smell and taste of it in every meal you have had since? It’s time to get your oven cleaned! BUT… do you really want to put on rubber gloves? aprons? And be breathing in all those nasty over the counter caustic and ammonia products? To still be unsatisfied with the final results?

The one way around all of the above is to get in touch today using any of the details on the Contact Us page of this website. Expert Oven Cleaning can remove hard carbonised grease, fat, and burnt on deposits from your Oven, Cooker, AGA, Range, Hob, Extractor Hood, Microwave, and more. And we can do this using a caustic-free and hygienic system in your home that is safe to your appliances, and means you can use right away when we are finished.

We cover a pretty large area including Sheffield, Rotherham, Barnsley and surrounding areas. You can visit the Areas Covered page of our website for more details.

Start off your new year by getting your oven or appliance professionally deep cleaned. Get in touch.

Happy New Year to all of our past, present and future customers! /


Oven Embarrassment

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Ok, so you are embarrassed about the state of your oven? Well guess what? You are not alone. How do I know this? I visit multiple houses on a daily basis deep cleaning ovens. I would estimate 90% of my customers mention to me before I even open the oven door that they are embarrassed about the state of the oven. Even ashamed of it. They won’t even open the oven door if friends or family are close by.

Some customers won’t even attempt to clean the oven themselves. Some can’t. Some are worried about damaging it. Some customers have tried to clean the oven prior to my arrival, but despite it taking near all day long they are still left massively disappointed. Whether it be with over the counter products like oven pride, natural mixes using things like baking soda, a steamer, or using a self clean mode on the oven which only resulted in a stinky hot house, and an oven that looked not much better after the cycle. I’ve heard and seen them all.

Why not let a professional do it for you? We deep clean: Ovens, Cookers, AGAs, Ranges, Hobs, Extractor Hoods, Microwaves, BBQ’s, Fridges and more.

Your friends, family, and any other home visitors will be dying to know how you did it!

You can see plenty of our before and after pictures on the before after pictures page of our website. Or on our Facebook page.

You can also see what other customers thought about our service on our Reviews page. Or on our Facebook reviews page.

Don’t be embarrassed, get in touch today!.

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Animals and oven cleaning

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More often than not most customers are happy to leave us to the oven cleaning while they go relax, or do some other task around the house. This is generally not the case when it comes to animals! Animals always seem to take great interest in what’s going on. Who would have thought animals would be so interested in a cleaning task?? Whether it be an oven, an extractor, a microwave that’s being cleaned, they always want a good nosey! As much as the animals would love to be involved I know many oven cleaning companies would have to insist of the animals being taken away. That’s another good thing about this company, all products used in your home are Eco-friendly, so animals are always welcome to be close by and watch. Although, at times I do have to draw a line at being constantly jumped on while I am trying to complete the job, which has been known to happen! :-).

Below are some pictures we have taken of animals showing a keen interest in oven cleaning. If we have cleaned your oven, you might even see you pet here! Enjoy.

If you follow us on social media you will see more animal pictures from time to time (as well as oven cleaning pictures). See us on Facebook by following this link:

Remember, as well as keeping your pets occupied, we also deep clean: Ovens, Cookers, AGAs, Ranges, Hobs, Extractor Hoods, Microwaves, BBQ’s, Fridges and more. Go through a few more of the pages on our website, or Facebook page for more details. Go back to our website Homepage. Check out our FAQ. See what others thought about our service on our Reviews page. Or you can Contact us.


New Year 2016

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First things first, happy new year to you all. It’s officially 2016!

Tomorrow morning starts the first week of our new year. Christmas and New Year celebrations are over. We are well rested this year after a full weeks break and now ready to go full force into cleaning up after the Christmas and New Year! All those baked on Christmas and New Year deposits in ovens cause foul smells, smoke, and definitely affect the taste of future meals cooked in that oven, if not professionally deep cleaned. We can deep clean your Oven, Cooker, AGA, Range, Hob, Extractor Hood, Microwave, BBQ, Fridge and more! An immaculately clean oven will ensure you are ready for the year ahead!

We primarily cover Sheffield, Rotherham, Barnsley, South Yorkshire. If you haven’t already get over to our homepage Oven Cleaning Sheffield / Expert Oven Cleaning for further information about our services.

happy new year 2016 oven cleaning sheffield


Christmas 2015 booking

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Christmas time is sneaking up on us again, can you believe it’s almost December? In the mist of all the shopping and Christmas planning, have you forgot to book in to have your oven cleaned? If so, you must do it right now as December will soon be fully booked! Have a look at our areas covered page to see if we cover your area, then get in touch now by contacting us through the contact us page or by using any of the below details, and get your oven ready for Christmas!:

Call / Text / WhatsApp: 07443504393
Call: 0114 3035101 / 07443504393


A great time to clean AGAs

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Many owners certain models of AGA cookers often turn off their cookers during hotter months of the year. This could be a perfect time for servicing, and deep cleaning your AGA.

Our preferred way to clean an AGA cooker is with its power off. During hotter months is the perfect time to turn your AGA off, for both crucial maintenance, servicing, and deep cleaning.

Having your AGA serviced, as well as having it professionally cleaned at least once annually will assure your AGA cooker runs nice and efficiently. As well as look fantastic, just like it should.

Just like cleaning a big range oven, an AGA can be a strenuous job to say the least, for most people. Chances are even after all your efforts you are still likely disappointed with the your end result. Not to mention all the mess you have made too!

Get your AGA, Range, of any other oven cleaned by Expert Oven Cleaning and have no stress, effort or disappointment in the end.

Why not browse the rest of our website and find out more about our service? Be sure to take a look at some of our customer reviews, our before and after pictures, or just contact us.

VLUU L310W L313 M310W / Samsung L310W L313 M310W

Dirty Ovens & Fire Risks

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It’s great to have a sparkling clean oven, but having a sparkling clean oven is more than just meets the eye. It has more benefits than just that… Dirty ovens can be real fire risks.

I thought it was necessary to post this blog post since seeing warnings, and a few posters around Sheffield & Rotherham, as well as it highlighted on South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue website, and on the South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue facebook page highlighting how dirty ovens and grill pans cause lots of kitchen fires every year.

According to a South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue survey, it found that that 40% of people admit to not cleaning out their oven or grill pan in the last six months.

Watch Manager Gary Bruce of South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service, said: “You’d be amazed how many homes we go to where minimum standards of hygiene and cleanliness aren’t maintained, putting residents at a real risk of having a fire that could severely damage their property“.

Advice being given to residents by South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue is to: Clean out ovens and grills regularly to avoid a build up of fat and grease.

If your oven has got into a real mess, or you just want to stay on top of things, get in touch today for one of our deep cleans. We won’t judge you, we’ll put it right. You can find all the contact details on the contact us page of this website. Alternatively you can navigate back to our Home page and read further about our service.

Here is the poster that you might have already seen:
dirty oven fire risk

New years resolution 2015

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Here we go again, another new year has begun, it’s 2015! Let the new year resolutions begin.

As you all know, for the large majority of new year resolutions usually start with losing a few pounds, and getting fit at the beginning of a new year. If this is the case for you then you must add getting your oven cleaned to your new year resolution list. If you are trying to diet or eat healthy as part of your new year resolution then you will likely use any excuse you can not to not diet or eat health from day to day. If that is the case then one thing that will deter you from keeping to your healthy eating resolutions will be not being able to use your grease filled, smelly, smokey, un-heathly oven. If you get it deep cleaned this is one less reason to not stick to your healthy eating plan!

Sheffield, Rotherham, Barnsley and South Yorkshires #1 can deep clean: Ovens, Cookers, Hobs, Extractors, Microwaves, BBQ’s, and more.

Start off your new year’s resolution by getting your oven or appliance professionally deep cleaned. Contact Us now. Or feel free to browse the rest of our website like our FAQ page or our customer Reviews page.

happy new year oven cleaning sheffield

Real Reviews?

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Real company reviews?? Real reviews and testimonials on the internet?? No way you say… Before you think it is not possible, please take a few minutes to read on.

Word of mouth regarding a company or service provided is the best recommendation you can have, no doubt. The only problem is when it comes to the internet is how do you know reviews / testimonials are real? How do you know the company or website owner has not written reviews and testimonials themselves? Simple answer is, you don’t know. You are right to be skeptical of company reviews online, as they are more than often than not fake, in my opinion. Written by the company themselves. Obviously you or I cannot prove this, but it does indeed happen on most websites, no matter how big or small the company is.

The internet has become so big now that it is most people’s first port of call when looking for a service. If you don’t know someone personally then it’s off to Google for most people. Because of this fact, around July last year I really felt like finding a way to somehow give people believable online reviews and testimonials. I was so confident that I was providing a great service that I wanted to give customers a chance to submit a real online review or testimonial about my service, no holds bar style. Not some webpage I have added with comments written by myself (we have all seen those websites before).

Here is why you can trust the reviews on my website are real – on the Reviews page of my website you can submit your very own review / testimonial. That’s right. Submit your own review / testimonial. On the reviews page of this website you will see a button marked “Click here to submit your review”. You can click this button and add your own review to my website. Whatever you write, once you click the submit button it will submit to the page there for everyone to see.

Not many companies offer you the chance to submit your own reviews and testimonials, why is this? I will let you answer that one yourself.

Be sure to visit the reviews page and leave your own honest review, after I have cleaned your oven or appliance. Or go to the reviews page right now and see what real customers have to say. You currently have 2 pages of reviews to go through.

Now that is cleared up, feel free to contact us or check out our prices page.

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